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Alyssa Strasser

      Alyssa was born and raised in Cornwall, Ontario. As a Bishop’s University Alumni, Alyssa was in search for a career that would mix her Sociological background with the opportunity to help out her community, wherever that may be. Alyssa has lots of experience working with youth, starting at the Boys and Girl’s Club of Cornwall and SD&G. Shortly after working with Boys and Girls, Alyssa quickly realised how she could make an impact – and that was getting at risk youth engaged in extra-curricular activities. Alyssa recently moved to Regina, Saskatchewan and immersed herself into the Sports Culture that Regina abundantly offers. Working as a Dream Broker for Sask Sport Inc., Alyssa works to engage Regina’s Inner City youth in Sports and Recreation, and introduces the youth to new sports and opportunities. “Sports play a major role in a child’s development. Through sports, Children are able to learn some of life’s most fundamental lessons such as team work, sharing, and helping one another out.  Lacrosse is a sport that instills these lessons in more ways than one, and I have seen the very effects of its impact first hand”.

Although she has never played the sport of lacrosse(aside from being a practice target for her lacrosse guru, Joe), she has grown up with the sport since her wee ages, watching her cousins play at the Turtle Dome located on Cornwall Island. Alyssa can often be found on the side lines of a BU Lacrosse Game, whether it be on the big screen, or dressed in a Tony the Tiger Suit.

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